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SavonBar is a natural, cruelty free brand that strives for luxury quality, but not high luxury pricing. I hope you will enjoy the vision and love that was invested into this brand. Enjoy!!


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  • Sea Salt & Lily Whipped Sugar Scrub

    Springtime is here! Emerge into a blissful seas with enchanting lily floating in the soft waves. Infused with Vitamin E oil and sea clay it gentle removes impurities to nourish the skin.

    Scent: Pink Himalayan salt, key lime, lotus, rose, and sage leaf

  • Salty Mairner Whipped Sugar Srub

    A perfect summer beach scent. Notes of sunscreen and the salty sea water will elevate the luxury self care time. Made with biodegradable glitter to replicate the shimmering sea on a sunny day.

    Scent: sunblock, salt water

  • Southwest Cucumber Waters Whipped Sugar Scrub

    Spa Day! Enjoy the calming scent of cucumber while gently exfoliating your skin with nourishing aloe extract.

    Scent: cucumber seed, lemon, orange, and geranium

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At SavonBar® we promise to bring all-natural ingredients in Eco-friendly packaging to as many people as possible. We will be as transparent as possible with all of our ingredients.

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