Back in 2017, I had a bad reaction from a soap provided by a hotel. When reading the ingredients, I did not know half the names, which was concerning. The research began, turns out there are chemicals in the soap that I didn't feel comfortable to place on my body. Luckily I stumbled on a natural soap shop in my home state and began shopping. It was amazing I can read and find the most of the same ingredients in my home pantry that are in the soap. It was a night and day difference when I began to use the soap. My skin was more hydrated, no residue and best of all no reaction! Fast forward to summer 2021, I came across an article of how to make soap at home. After making it for a bit I gave samples to my friends to try. Long story short, I became their "Soap Dealer". Knowing the positive feedback that made in short time, my goal now was to provide a natural product the public would adore. By November 2021 SavonBar LLC company was born and the website was open to the public.

- Lacey Owner/Creator